Basalt Tech UK launched own BFRP production

The Basalt Projects Group delivered and commissioned equipment for the pultrusion plant in the United Kingdom for Basalt Tech UK.

For the first stage of the plant, two high-performance automated lines were supplied for the production of composite rebar with a diameter of 2.5 – 22 mm, including the use of basalt fiber.

In May 2019, Basalt Projects Group specialists performed installation supervision and commissioning of the equipment at the plant premises, trained engineering and technical personnel, and produced a test batch of basalt fiber composite rebar.

Basalt Tech UK plans to produce basalt composite rebar for the UK construction sector, as well as exporting products to foreign markets after receiving international quality certificates.

Spokespeople from Basalt Tech UK said the company had already received preliminary orders for basalt plastic products. The organizations engaged in road infrastructure development expressed the interest. Basalt composites application results in creating durable transport infrastructure facilities for minimal construction and lifelong maintenance costs.

Companies: Basalt Technology UK

Countries: United Kingdom

Persons: Yuri Ganfeld

Industries: Construction

Technologies: Pultrusion

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