The Diversity of Long-fibre-reinforced Thermoplastics as an Opportunity for Industry

The product portfolio of BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites continues to grow.

After the technical multifilament yarns of CORDENKA, BÜFA Thermoplastic Composites expands its range with long fibre reinforced thermoplastics, LFT for short, from SKYi Composites.

The new spin-off based in Oldenburg deals with the distribution of renewable raw materials and semi-finished products for components made of long and endless fibre reinforced thermoplastics and gets the leading manufacturer of LFT as a partner. SKYi Composites, based in Pune, India, is part of the SKYi Group and has the largest production facility in India.

Long-fibre-reinforced thermoplastics are particularly important for the automotive industry because they are processed by injection moulding and offer the possibility of weight reduction while maintaining high load-bearing capacity. LFT is manufactured with fibres in granulate length using the so-called extrusion process. In this process, the fibre strands are drawn through a polymer melt, embedded in the polymer matrix and granulated after cooling. The impregnation quality determines the subsequent component quality. Different combinations of polymer matrix and fibre material result in a large variety of possible LFT materials. The manufacturing process is patented and reduces machine wear during processing while maintaining identical properties.

Companies: BUEFA Thermoplastic Composites

Industries: Automotive and Road Transportation, Sustainability

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