BASF 3D Printing Solutions and Origin collaborate with footwear manufacturer ECCO

BASF’s Ultracur3D photopolymer material series fully validated withOrigin’s manufacturing grade printer and platform

BASF 3D Printing Solutions and its strategic partner Origin, an open-platform additive-manufacturing printer provider are collaborating with ECCO, a footwear manufacturer to develop a wholly new approach to footwear production. The Danish ECCO Group, an innovative global manufacturer of high-quality footwear, is using the Origin platform with BASF’s Ultracur3D photopolymer materials at its R&D Center in Denmark. The initial results demonstrate outstanding detail accuracy and mechanical stability with Origin’s unique programmable polymerization process (P3).

Arnaud Guedou, Business Director Photopolymer Solutions, BASF 3DPS
Arnaud Guedou, Business Director Photopolymer Solutions, BASF 3DPS, commented:

“Origin’s newly developed printing system is optimally tuned for our innovative Ultracur3D photopolymer series. This enables end-users to achieve high processing speeds and a superb surface finish that reliably reproduces even the finest textures and ensures outstanding mechanical stability. We have worked shoulder to shoulder with our customers and know that we need to provide market beating customized solutions in terms of surface finish, mechanical properties, price-per-part produced, and productivity. The combination of Origin’s technology with BASF’s materials is extremely promising, as the initial results and first functional prototypes of the collaboration clearly illustrate.”

Origin’s goal, together with BASF 3D Printing Solutions (BASF 3DPS) and other selected material partners, is to establish additive manufacturing as a suitable solution for mass production. Origin’s open platform coupled with BASF’s materials enables the sharpest-possible focus on end-customer applications to meet even the most challenging requirements.

Charlie Vestner, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Origin
Charlie Vestner, Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Origin, explains:

“Not only did we work closely with BASF to develop new materials, but also the 3D printing processes for each of them. In close consultation together we determined how we can achieve specific high-quality resolutions and process control that suit our customers and their applications perfectly. We offer customers unrivalled control over the printing process – not just in designing their product, but also in the sheer scope of design options it offers, meaning it can be tailored precisely to each specific application.”

The Ultracur3D product line by BASF 3DPS includes proven as well as newly developed photopolymers for use in various printing processes such as digital light processing, stereolithography, or with LCD equipment, and now with Origin’s P3 process. The suite of Ultracur3D products features excellent strength and impact resistance, high elasticity and impressive long term UV stability. It is suitable for the production of prototypes as well as for mass production in practically all major industries.

Oleksandra Korotchuk, Business Development Manager, BASF 3DPS
Oleksandra Korotchuk, Business Development Manager, BASF 3DPS said:

“Origin is an ideal partner for BASF as they share our industry leading quality standards. With their printing processes they are able to achieve consistent Class A surface finishes and exceptional resolution, while our materials contribute to ensuring long-term functional usage.”


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