Jushi USA starts its 96,000 tons glass fiber production line

After a long period of hard work, Jushi USA has put into operation its alkali-free glass fiber production line, with an annual capacity of 96,000 tons, in accordance with the company's established plan.

Ray Wierzbowski, vice president of Operations at Jushi USA, said :

“This start is an important step for Jushi to maintain its status as a glass fiber world leader, enabling the group to better participate in the development of the composite materials industry. Under the relevant concept of ‘building the market first and building the factory later’, the sales market of Jushi in the United States has been further expanded, laying the foundation for the construction of the Jushi USA plant.”

In 2019, Jushi expanded the project, from 80,000 tons of the original planned construction to 96,000 tons of annual production capacity, with a total investment of US$ 350 million. The United States being the world’s largest user of composite materials, the project was completed to better serve local composite materials manufacturers, driving the rapid development of the composite industry. The project is also Tyrrell County, South Carolina’s largest foreign investment undertaking since 1985.

Jushi USA starts its 96,000 tons glass fiber production line

This new Jushi USA’s glass fiber production line helps the group to further connect to the United States market, enhancing its ability of services customers localization. The US start comes after the completion of the Egyptian project, reflecting the concept of common development of Jushi and its global customers. It also shows the determination and confidence of Jushi to unswervingly follow the path of international development.

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