A European consortium against anti-dumping measures being imposed on glass fibre reinforcements from Egypt and Bahrain

GRP Solutions and Jushi Group would like to draw fibreglass users’ attention to the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation by the EU against certain fibreglass materials from Egypt and Bahrain following a complaint brought by the European Glass Fibre Producers Association (APFE).

In response to the initiation of the investigation on the 3rd May 2019, GRP Solutions has joined a number of European importers and end users to form a consortium to oppose any anti-dumping duty measures being imposed.

It is vitally important that UK end users of glass fibre materials affected have an opportunity to advise the EU of the impact that anti-dumping duties will have on their business. Composites businesses in the UK employ over 40,000 people. The creation of tariff barriers and a reduction in free trade with economies such as Egypt will only increase costs for UK composite businesses and damage employment both in the UK and in Egypt.

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