PCM Innovation and Corima Technologies launch PCM Engineering

PCM Innovation and Corima Technologies announced  the creation of PCM Engineering. This joint venture will enable both partners to increase their international reach and their offer engineering services.

PCM Engineering will act as an engineering and design office for the production of manufacturing tools and assembly stations to the leading French, European and especially Toulouse region aeronautical contractors. This new service is dedicated to clients in the aerospace industry looking for structured companies, with robust and internationally oriented skills. In addition, the new team will help meet increased design needs related to the growth of the two parent companies.

This engineering department will have a team of 30 highly specialized employees within 36 months. They will supplement the teams and plants of the already well-established parent companies in Canada, France, USA and Mexico, with a total of 100 engineering professionals on both sides of the Atlantic.

Jean-François Hamel, President and Chief Executive Officer of the PCM Innovation Group, commented:

“that a real presence in Europe is essential to our continued growth internationally and in supporting leading aerospace companies with their increasingly globalized supply and manufacturing chain.”

“Corima Technologies and its president, Vincent Belorgeot, are longstanding business partners and we are very pleased to be expanding on an already highly successful business relationship. “

Vincent Belorgeot, President of Corima Technologies, underlines that:

“this joint venture reinforces links with PCM Innovation and its president, Jean-François Hamel, and will highlight the complementarities, the technical expertise, the innovative spirt and pursuit of excellence that have united the two companies for almost 10 years. ” 

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