Institut de Soudure Group optimizes production control for large-sized composite parts

By introducing an innovative infrarouge thermography technology, Institut de Soudure Group will be enabling its Composite Integrity brand to carry out production control for large-sized composite parts not only faster, but also at a lower cost. The technology is to be rolled out at the Porcelette plant in Lorraine (eastern France) in September 2019 and dedicated to composites production for the aeronautics sector.

In order to carry out this project, Institut de Soudure Group entered into a partnership with Duqueine Group, specialized in the design and manufacture of high-performance composite parts and sub-assemblies.

Duqueine Group and Composite Integrity are working with the existing production system to qualify this new technology to replace ultrasonic testing and thereby reduce the cost of non-destructive testing for the end client. In the medium term, once the technology is qualified, Composite Integrity plans to install a production control center near the Duqueine design and production facility in Civrieux.

This disruptive thermography-based technology uses the latest image processing systems and reduces production control times and costs by as much as 30% compared to conventional ultrasonic technologies.

This technology, fully automated, is being integrated into the workplace environment by Pinette Emidecau Industrie (PEI).

This project has added thermography to the high-tech resources (e.g. C-scan water jet) deployed by Composite Integrity, the composites platform of Institut de Soudure Group.

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