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FR10 material passes 1200°C IMO shipping fire test

CFP Composites’ FR10 carbon composite is the first to pass the demanding IMO 1200˚c ‘Room Corner’ fire test.

FR10 material passes 1200°C IMO shipping fire test


The test lasts 20 minutes and creates a mass fire in a 35m2 cabin area clad with FR10. No other insulation materials were used in conjunction with FR10: it was tested on its own merits.

FR10 passed the various categories within the standard by significant margins in every area. The material was also subjected to the IMO smoke and toxicity tests and only exhibited ‘trace elements’, deeming the material safe for use.

This represents a huge breakthrough for the use of carbon composites in the global shipping market, and especially in large vessels where weight and fuel savings are critical, making it ideal for use in naval and cruise ships.

Below is a video The interior of FR10 clad 35m2 ‘fire room’ after the test had been completed.
You will note that the FR10 panels have only suffered minor blistering!


FR10 is therefore suitable for use in numerous applications, with a focus on bulkheads, decks, door and wall systems and cladding in higher risk areas i.e. engine rooms, galleys etc….

It can also be easily combined with thin non-structural insulation materials and/or metallic laminates to create specific ultra-lightweight solutions and panels or profiles can be safely bonded or mechanically fastened together to create the large surface areas required in large ships.

The materials are also available with a corrosion, chemical and weather proof coating that gives the product a very long-life cycle in service, reducing end user maintenance and repairs.

FR10 can be supplied in large volumes in <7-day lead times in thicknesses from 2mm to 20mm in either flat sheet (1.3m x 0.8m) or net shape profile formats. The 2mm sheets only weighs just over 2.5kg per m2!

CFP are engaged in a number of programs with the leading global shipbuilders and their supply chain partners to utilise this exciting material in existing and future vessels.


For more information, please contact:

Diego Jezler
Business Development Director – FR10
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