Version 4.9 of Anaglyph's Laminate Tools software application

Laminate Tools Version 4.9 introduces a wide number of new features, mostly based on users' comments and requests.

Here are a few example of what is new in this version: implemented tensor plots for principal element forces / moments, additonal ply pools and element set pools, allowed basic geometric feature creation, enabled import of additional FEA result entities.

Laminate Tools is a stand-alone Windows application that addresses the entire Geometry import-Design-Analysis-Check-Manufacture process of composites structural design. It links the various disciplines, communicates original data between all involved in the process and saves valuable team time. Laminate tools interfaces with most CAD and FEA applications, allowing for a flexible work flow. It is used by composite structures designers and stress analysts in automotive, aerospace, marine, energy and leisure.

Version 4.9 of Anaglyph's Laminate Tools software application

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