CAF Power & Automation signs a joint venture in China

Spanish systems provider for the railway industry CAF Power & Automation has signed a joint venture contract with the Chinese company Changzhou Tiansheng New Materials Co. Ltd. with the aim of expanding its market in China.

This partnership will allow the company to participate in tenders for the supply of control, traction and energy storage systems for railway vehicles – trams, metros, Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) and monorail – as well as for railway systems upgrade projects.
For the signing ceremony of the joint venture, named CAF Tiansheng Power System, Jesús María Ibarbia and Iñigo Balda (General Manager and Director of Business and Technology) and Haizhou Wu and Yi Xu (Chairman and CEO) met in Changzhou (Jiangsu province).
Numerous railway projects in China
In recent years, the Chinese Government has approved numerous urban railway projects for tram, metro, EMUs and monorails. In fact, in mainland China, the railway traction market is worth around 2,000 million euros.
Changzhou Tiansheng New Material Co. Ltd., which is one of the largest polymer manufacturers in Jiangsu, was founded in 1998 and currently employs 1,000 workers.
In addition, the company is a partner/shareholder of CRRTEC, a company dedicated to the manufacture of urban rail vehicles (trams, EMUs and monorails).
CAF P&A has developed a prototype traction system for monorail for CRRTEC. The project, which is in the testing phase, is a major milestone and offers an opportunity for CAF P&A to enter the railway market of Chinese monorails.

This initiative comes on top of the project that CAF P&A has been working on since the spring of 2017 with the engineering company Xintian Rail Transit Technology Co. The POWER DC 750 V traction systems and COSMOS control systems are already being incorporated in the eleven tram units of the T1 line in Changzhou.

Thanks to this agreement, CAF Tiansheng Power System is expected to tender for the supply of systems on the city’s new T2 and T3 tram lines.

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