FRP Kaji launches an FRP waste treatment business

FRP Kaji is a company with strong expertise based in Yamakita, Ashigarakami district, Kanagawa Prefecture (Japan) that provides high-performance and high-quality FRP products under the slogan “FRP products with a smile”.

FRP Kaji launches an FRP waste treatment business

As high-performance materials offering weight reduction and high resistance properties, FRPs are expected to be increasingly in demand. However, FRP Kaji is aware of the need to protect Earth’s limited resources for future generations. With this objective in mind, the company has repeatedly considered new business plans such as the first step project. As a result, they managed to focus on the need to go beyond the usual “production” of products and on the importance of handling the total material cycle of FRP materials by “processing” them appropriately.

FRP Kaji launches an FRP waste treatment business

FRPs are composite materials that mainly combine inorganic fibres and an organic resin (polymer) and require specialized knowledge for material handling. They are designed and manufactured as various structures depending on the applications, such as general mouldings and corrosion-resistant mouldings. Furthermore, they are often used in combination with metal, instead of FRP alone, and knowledge of the materials themselves in addition to FRP composite components is essential when processing waste.

Against this background and using the knowledge gained through its long experience in FRP design and manufacturing, FRP Kaji designed, together with its partners, a system of instructions for processing FRP waste, thus developing a supplier chain. As a result, it became possible to launch a business specializing in handling FRP waste as well as the waste from the corresponding composite components.

In the future, while managing industrial waste disposal, FRP Kaji will work to strengthen its cooperation with companies using applicable technologies. The company’s aim will be to create an industrial structure where FRP waste is properly treated, while contributing to the maintenance and development of the FRP industry.

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