Meggitt and Luna Innovations sign exclusive license agreement for the supply of fibre optic technology

Meggitt PLC, a leading international company specialising in high-performance components and sub-systems for the aerospace, defence and energy markets, and Luna Innovations, Incorporated, a market leader for fibre optic-based technology, have signed an exclusive license agreement for the supply of fibre optic components and technology for aircraft fire and overheat detection equipment.

Through this agreement Meggitt will develop and supply its innovative next-generation Bleed Air Leak Detection systems using fibre optic technology which improves sensor accuracy and reliability, ensuring passenger and crew safety.

Aircraft overheat detection systems detect any leaks along the bleed air ducts; this is critical to the integrity and safety of the aircraft structure. Using fibre optic technology, Meggitt’s pioneering solution provides real-time temperature measurement continuously along the sensor length, providing a far quicker, more accurate and versatile detection of fires or overheat.

Luna Innovations will provide key optical components for integration with Meggitt’s electronic controllers and FBG (Fibre Bragg Grating) sensors.

Hugh Clayton, Group Director, Engineering & Strategy says:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Luna Innovations on our fibre optic development programme. Luna Innovations leads the field in this area. Our next-generation optical sensing solutions deliver important weight and maintenance cost savings and they also support the development of future health monitoring technology. We plan to extend the solution to fire detection in the near future.”

  Scott Graeff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Luna Innovations Incorporated added:

“As a leading supplier of fibre optic-based technology for the aerospace and automotive industries, we are thrilled to be partnering with Meggitt to supply fibre optic-based sensing equipment for aircraft. Our partnership with Meggitt will use state-of-the-art sensors to create a safer environment for crew and passengers, and we look forward to installing this on commercial aircraft in the future.”

Reduce maintenance time
Ideal for composite aircrafs this evolutionary detector network accurately locates potentially catastrophic leaks in bleed air systems. By activating a cockpit alarm, it enables mechanics to find the affected areas fast and with precision. 

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