Production of basalt CNG and LPG cylinders in the AlmA SEZ

Experts come to the conclusion that there is an objective need to replace more than 80% of the obsolete and worn-out gas cylinders in circulation in the Russian Federation with explosion-proof cylinders using new generation locking devices and the organization of a unified digital metering system.

In the territory of the special economic zone (SEZ) Alma, it is planned to implement a new investment project worth over 7 billion rubles, the press service of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan reported. The implementation of the project will create approximately 400 jobs in the territory of the SEZ.

“Today, the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Tatarstan has concluded an agreement of intent with the new potential investor of the AlmA special economic zone, LLC Gas Vector,” the SEZ press service explained.

The company plans to produce modern, high-tech gas equipment for liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas for communal needs, and equipment for the gas engine market.

“For more than 6 years, we have been dealing with liquefied petroleum gas, and in the working process we have come to understand that the gas cylinder market requires major changes. We set ourselves the task of organizing the production of explosion-proof gas cylinders – steel and composite. This will help in the implementation of the federal program for the development of motor gas in the country. Gas equipment will be produced under both propane-butane and methane. Its are used for communal needs: for cooking in areas that are not gasified. The production of cylinders at the Volchansky Mechanical Plant (a branch of Uralvagonzavod) is limited; they are produced using old equipment. We aim to organize production using advanced technical solutions.”,

– said CEO for Gas Vector LLC Andrey Vychuzhanin.

A new production facility for the production of type 4 gas cylinders based on basalt fiber for CNG (compressed natural gas) and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is planned to be located in Leninogorsk. Start of production is breaded by the beginning of 2022.

“Delivery of our products will be convenient for consumers in different parts of Russia. In addition, we discuss issues of cooperation and cooperation with PJSC TATNEFT. It is a partnership in organizing the production itself”,

— noted the head of the Gas Vector

The choice of location of production was influenced by several factors. Firstly, these are tax preferences. Secondly, it is a profitable logistics, since the territory of Tatarstan is conveniently located from the point of view of the sales market.

Andrey Vychuzhanin also added that the project was positively received at KAMAZ:

“100% of gas equipment installed on trucks is delivered from abroad. This is mainly from China. We will provide the car factory with a better and more technological product, and it is precisely for the tasks that the automaker will set. We are ready to flexibly approach constructive solutions.”.

Composite cylinders at KAMAZ
Photo by Sergey Afonasyev. Composite cylinders at KAMAZ

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