BYK Highlight New Additive at K 2019

BYK is making intensive preparations for the upcoming K 2019 trade show, which will take place from 16-23 October in Düsseldorf, Germany exhibition halls. 

At Booth E17 in Hall 5, the main focus will be on the new additive BYK-MAX CT 4260, which is an organophilic sheet silicate for use in thermoplastics such as polyamides.

BYK-MAX CT 4260 is the first innovative product from the new group of thermoplastic additives launched on the market under the trade name “BYK-MAX.”

It is especially suitable for use with halogen-free flame retardant thermoplastic compounds, since incorporating the additive improves not only the flame retardant properties but also the dropping behaviour and crust formation. In return, this new, highly specialised additive also enables the filler content, e.g. aluminum or magnesium hydroxide, to be reduced. This leads to a significant improvement in the process and physical properties and to a reduction in the overall weight.

As well as improving the flame retardant properties, the use of BYK-MAX CT 4260 can enhance barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor, and hydrocarbon.

In thermoplastics, such as polyamides (PAs), and bioplastics, such as polylactides (PLAs), the melt viscosity is also increased, enabling, for example, an improvement in dimensional stability during profile extrusion to be achieved.

In addition, other new customised BYK additives that fully utilise the potential of modern plastics and optimise their manufacture for all kinds of different fields of application, will be presented to the trade professionals at K 2019.

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