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Taiwan’s UHT Unitech and Spain’s FIDAMC to develop space-grade carbon fiber

UHT Unitech, a Taiwanese company which has a global patent for microwave carbon fiber, recently signed a cooperation agreement with the Spanish Foundation for the research, development and application of composite materials (FIDAMC) and the Taiwanese Composites Association to jointly develop space-grade carbon fiber materials. UHT Unitech intends to enter the Airbus supply chain through the FIDAMC cooperation channel.

Taiwan’s UHT Unitech and Spain’s FIDAMC to develop space-grade carbon fiber

FIDAMC is a research center co-founded in 2006 by the Spanish Ministry of Industry, the Madrid Regional Government and Airbus Group (then EADS), focusing on composites research and development. In particular, FIDAMC and Airbus have worked together to develop a multi-functional design and manufacturing of airframe components.
Last September, UHT Unitech obtained CCE-JEC 2018 Innovation Award. The company presented its Microwave Recycle Solution.
UHT Unitech, which last year published “Microwave High-Efficiency Carbon Fiber Recovery and Regeneration Technology”, « plans to enter the European and American markets with an innovative business model that combines profit ability and environmental protection in the circular economy », according to the company.

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