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DPS designs the world’s most advanced skis

DPS is a mid-sized American ski company with a reputation that extends well beyond the boundaries of Utah, where it is established. DPS skis are known far and wide by all types of skiers, whose level of standards is proportional to the intensity of their passion.

 Professional skier and ski designer Stephan Drake and leading ski engineer Peter Turner established DPS in 2005. Both of them were in¬spired by the idea to make perfect skis that are worthy of those who live and breathe the sport.

Innovation as strategy
To make a name for themselves in an already crowded preserve, the young entrepreneurs relied on exceptional innovations to stand out from the pack. DPS started out by introducing the world’s first-and-only pure prepreg carbon fibre sandwich ski and the first 120-mm-waisted powder pintail ski, transferring the word “rocker” from surfing to skiing. Then it built the first rockered ski with sidecut, and let fly the Spoon and Spoon technology. The fusion of space-age carbon technology and innovative shaping has resulted in the world’s most advanced quiver of skis. Success was not slow to arrive: the use of composite materials made the difference, and DPS powered its way into this highly specialized market.

Cross-section view of DPS’ Alchemist ski construction

Cross-section view of DPS’ Alchemist ski construction

A community feel
The company is just as innovative in its general approach to the values and image that it wants to convey.
DPS fosters a tight-knit community between its designers, reps, photogra¬phers, partners, and skiers, while also supporting environmental initiatives and innovative multimedia projects worldwide.
DPS is a brand trusted by serious skiers worldwide. The skis are sold and shipped worldwide via, and featured in the world’s best ski shops on five continents.
The price of a pair of bare skis varies from US$500 to US$1300.

A DPS ski receiving an edge grind in the brand’s Salt Lake City factory

A DPS ski receiving an edge grind in the brand’s Salt Lake City factory

Taking root locally
After nearly a decade of overseas manu¬facturing, DPS opened a state-of-the-art factory in Utah’s Wasatch Front region. The company had wanted to make the move for years, and after careful planning, it was finally completed in January 2013. DPS maintains its global headquarters in Salt Lake City.

The benefits are profound as DPS deepens its roots and heritage in Utah. Notable highlights: The DPS Factory now employs over twenty-five workers from the area; the research and design capabilities have expanded exponential¬ly; and exciting innovations continue to emerge. For example, the Utah factory nurtured the birth of the now-iconic Spoon (the first ski produced at the fa¬cility) and Spoon technology, as well the advent of DPS’ new carbon construction, Alchemist, a ground-up redesign of their award-winning Pure construction.

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