Hiroaki Nomura to serve as new President of Nippon Electrical Glass

Nippon Electrical Glass (NEG) Glass Fiber Global Vice President Norio Nakamura announced that Kevin E. McDonald, President of NEG-US, will retire effective September 30, 2019, and that Hiroaki Nomura will take over his post.

McDonald has been President of NEG-US since NEG acquired the former PPG Fiber Glass business in September 2017. Kevin had been the General Manager of the U.S. and European operations of the business since 2009 and served as the Global Vice President of the Fiber Glass business for PPG until the NEG acquisition in 2017.

Nakamura said:

“Kevin’s leadership was instrumental in blending products, customers, technology, business and production processes, and organizational cultures for NEG.”

In addition to working the last two years at NEG, McDonald was employed by PPG Industries for 37 years, primarily in the Fiber Glass business unit. McDonald also served as Chairman of PFG from 2014-2016, twice served on the board of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Mafic S.A.

In addition to McDonald’s retirement, Nakamura announced in the following statement that Hiroaki Nomura has accepted the position of President, Electric Glass Fiber America (NEG-US):

“I am pleased to share that Hiroaki Nomura has accepted the position of President, Electric Glass Fiber America (NEG-US). Nomura brings a long and successful career with NEG, having started in 1983 in the glass fiber division sales group and progressed through several increasingly responsible roles.”

Earlier this year, Nomura was named Vice President, Glass Fiber Deputy Group General Manager.

Nakamura added:

“It is critical that we continue to assimilate NEG-US into NEG’s plans for industry growth and leadership. Nomura’s experience makes him uniquely qualified to lead the NEG-US team. I am confident his track record of success and knowledge of glass fibers will enable to him to be successful in this role.”

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