Fiberglass reinforced industrial pipes provide robust alternative for severe environments

Under new operational management, Industrial Fiberglass Specialties Inc. (IFS) has launched a multi-tiered strategy that includes expanding its’ line of filament wound, corrosion resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products.

Fiberglass reinforced industrial pipes provide robust alternative for severe environments

IFS products are capable of meeting severe duty requirements, a feature that is attractive to the chemical, oil and gas, power, and mining markets. Industrial piping, fittings, and products that can be tailored to customer specifications comprise the company’s core line.

IFS President Brian Mitsch says:

“We have 40 years of experience supplying FRP piping and fittings. Our goal is to help customers transition into the future by using our skill sets to tackle a wider range of problems whether it’s vents for a potable water tank farm, pipe and fittings for a power plant, or a mold for a specialized industrial product.”

Butt weld joint applied to large diameter pipe

Corrosion resistant methacrylate-modified epoxy FRP pipe, duct and fittings can be engineered for a range of uses including chemical service environment applications. It costs approximately 35 percent less than epoxy pipe. Methacrylate-modified epoxy products also offer high-performance alternatives to costly alloys and specialty metals for projects that dictate fire retardant and explosion resistant requirements.

Filament wound methacrylate-modified epoxy FRP pipe and duct products are available in sizes ranging from 3/8-in. to 168-in.  One of just a handful of manufacturers able to offer pipe in these size ranges, IFS builds its products to ASTM standards for iron pipe outside diameters (OD) and chemical process pipe inside diameters (ID).

In addition to evaluating a customer’s application, IFS is committed to service and ongoing technology development.

Mitsch says: 

“We are not a commodity FRP company. We work closely with a customer to analyze their requirements and create an economical product that provides a long service life.”

“Fiberglass products have been around since the 1940s. But new materials and design and manufacturing methods are continually being developed. Our ability to harness these improvements allows us to better solve customers’ problems.”


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