Victrex at K Show: the Power to Innovate With PEEK

At the upcoming K 2019 show Victrex will be showcasing its recent solutions under the theme ‘The Element of Invention’. 

Complementing the many pioneering innovations that followed the invention of PEEK thermoplastic over 40 years ago, the VICTREX PEEK and PAEK polymer-based portfolio on display will include innovative food grade, additive manufacturing, composite, film and gear solutions. Ranging across leading industrial sectors, these products and the know-how of Victrex contribute to solving material limitations in advanced applications, often replacing metals.

“The invention of PEEK polymer has clearly had a very positive impact across industries and, in fact, across the globe. We could never have imagined the continuous stream of innovation this high-performing versatile polymer would make possible. Visitors to the Victrex stand can look forward to pioneering new grades as well as exciting progress on forms and parts in critical applications where high-performance polymers deliver a strong advantage in the development of new markets,” said Jakob Sigurdsson, Victrex CEO.

As Victrex celebrates 40 years of PEEK Shaping Future Performance, the company’s  high-performance polymer solutions have helped to advance people’s lives and industries. Some of these latest innovations and solutions will be presented at 17:30 local German time, during the meet-the-expert sessions.

Meet-the-expert Sessions Include:

16 October 2019 –Why 3D Printing PEEK is Hard, and How We Are Making it Easier

17 October 2019 –Aerospace: the Ascendance of Thermoplastic Composites 

19 October 2019 –How PEEK-based APTIV Film Can Make a Difference for Future Electronics Devices and Technologies 

21 October 2019 –VICTREX HPG Gear Solutions for Future Powertrain Applications

22 October 2019 –VICTREX FG: Solutions for Reliable, Regulatory-compliant Food Applications 

Visit Victrex on stand B509, Hall 5, 16-24 October 2019, Düsseldorf, Germany.

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