High speed racing boats from FB Design

For the boats of FB Design, Aliancys and Euroresins are supplying Atlac and Synolite resins, while providing great support to the company through their materials and processing expertise.

FB Design is a manufacturer of fast boats used in high end marine markets. Its products include coastguard and military vessels, racing boats, as well as high speed leisure boats. Its demanding customers are looking for boat performance and reliability at the same time. 

The business was established in 1971 by Fabio Buzzi, mechanical engineer and offshore pilot. Fabio is still the driving force behind the company’s innovation in boat design, which has been resulting over the years in ever increasing boat speeds and great improvements in functional capabilities.

Design for the extreme

“It is not so easy to make high speed boats that are both strong and safe for the crew,” explains Fabio Buzzi. “For maximum speeds and easy maneuvering in planar mode the boats must be as light as possible. They must also maintain their shape at these elevated velocities, as deformation of the shell will affect the aerodynamic characteristics and boat efficiency. At the same time, the structure must protect the crew in an unlikely situation of an accident. We have been working over many years with the technical support from Aliancys and Euroresins to fine-tune the design, and get the best of out of composites for our products.”

The boats made by FB Design are mostly unsinkable, because of their inherent floating capability. The double shell hulls are made through hand lay-up processes using Atlac 580 ACT and Synolite 288 resins from Aliancys (supplied through Distributor Euroresins). Longitudinal stiffeners are built in for providing structural integrity. The space between the double shells and the stiffeners is filled with closed-cell polyurethane foam for maximum floating performance. If the end-use requires ballistic protection, different solutions are being applied based on Kevlar, ceramics, or ballistic steel.

Determined to win

 Fabio Buzzi
In more than 45 years of activity, boats made by FB Design have won a total of 52 World Championships, the Harmsworth Trophy 7 times (1989, 1993, 1994, 1995, 2003, 2004, and 2010) and have set 56 world speed records established in different existing classes, including UIM and APBA in US.

Most recently, on 12 July 2016, a crew headed by Fabio Buzzi, succeeded in setting the new record on the Montecarlo – Roccella Jonica – Venice sea track. With their FB 60’ boat (18 m length, carrying two MTU engines of 1600 horsepower), only one refueling in Roccella Jonica (Calabria, Italy), and in the last 100 miles of the Northern Adriatic sailing on a very rough sea, the crew took only 22 hours, 5 minutes and 42 seconds. With an average speed of 52.3 knots (equal to 97 km/h), they succeeded to lower the record by 7 minutes and 35 seconds.

“Every time I participate in such a race I feel the adrenaline in my veins”, adds Fabio Buzzi. “Yet I know I can fully rely on my boats and will reach the finish without trouble. For making a good boat I need reliable suppliers, like Aliancys and Euroresins. The products they supply to us are consistent in quality and bring predictable performance. At the same time, I truly appreciate their bright ideas to ensure that we can make our boats deliver during the moments of truth.” 

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