Sicomin and Décision discuss the development of bio based technologies in marine applications

Sicomin, a formulator and supplier of high performance epoxy systems, and Décision SA, a specialist in the development and prototyping of complex composite structures discuss their involvement in the eco-conscious SeaBubbles water taxis and how they can support boat manufactures seeking sustainable and robust manufacture methods.

Sicomin and Décision discuss the development of bio based technologies in marine applications

Marc Denjean (Export Manager, Sicomin) and Grégoire Metz (Managing Director, Décision SA) are hosting press meetings throughout METS marine trade show and will be addressing the development and application of bio based resins to promote sustainable manufacture methods in the marine sector and highlight the role bio based epoxies have in robust, cost-effective serial production.

Sicomin and Décision SA collaborated on the build of the first 5 SeaBubbles water taxis, the futuristic hydrofoil vessels set to transform the world’s urban waterways. The boats were delivered in record time with material specification, design analysis and production achieved in less than 4 months. 

In addition, Sicomin will also be showcasing a range of high performance epoxy systems and advanced composites materials suitable for the racing, superyacht, military and commercial vessels. Product highlights include:

  • GreenPoxy  and InfuGreen – environmentally enhanced epoxy systems derived from natural origins
  • TOP CLEAR – Superior UV stability and fast hardening
  • Fire Retardant Systems – Leading OEM accreditations
  • Foaming Systems – High performance structural cores
  • Multiaxial reinforcements and non crimp fabrics
  • Structural Cores – Suited for lightweight sandwich structures

Both companies have a strong marine heritage. Décision SA’s high profile builds include Solar Impulse 1 and 2 and a variety of America’s cup boats including Groupama Team France.  Whilst Sicomin has supplied specialist epoxy resins for a number of performance race boats, military vessels (Ocean Eagle 43 trimaran) and superyachts such as ‘Motor Yacht A’ designed by Philippe Starck and built by Blohm & Voss.


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