An orca-inspired submersible watercraft

Innespace Productions, an innovative design and fabrication company that released the shark inspired Seabreacher X, has unveiled an other recognizable underwater animal to add to the Seabreacher fleet: a killer whale.

An orca-inspired submersible watercraft

This killer whale vessel, which is similar in size and scale to the real thing, incorporates orca-inspired design features, including a more rounded off nose, large whale tail, new pectoral fins, and a taller dorsal fin. The new large rear tail was added to help the boat achieve a 180 degree back flip, which continues to be a goal for Innespace. The Seabreacher Y comes standard with the 255hp supercharged engine found in the X model and offers the same high performance capabilities, but has the panoramic bubble canopy of the popular dolphin style J model. The killer whale pictured here has an upgraded 300hp engine kit, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 55mph on the surface of the water. This particular vessel was custom built for a special customer in Abu Dhabi.

Innespace designed the new Seabreacher Y with the primary intention of performing aquatic shows and displays, so the new vessel comes with riding pegs and grab handles to allow a trained stunt person to ride on the back and perform tricks similar to real whale-riding shows seen throughout the world.

“The big advantage of riding one of Innespace’s killer whales is there’s no risk of being eaten by your ride!” says whale riding stunt man Jesse McNamara.

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