Mitsui Chemicals to establish production facilities for Mostron-L GFPP

Prime Polymer, a joint-venture owned 65 percent by Mitsui Chemicals and 35 percent by Idemitsu Kosan, intends to establish new production facilities for its Mostron-L glass fiber reinforced polypropylene (GFPP).

Mostron-L is a Prime Polymer-developed composite material made by melting and mixing polypropylene (PP) resin with long glass fibers. Beyond a low specific gravity that allows the material to be used for lightweighting, it also offers a good appearance with long glass fibers providing a good balance between hardness and impact resistance. The product is already being adopted in areas such as the unpainted insides of rear car doors.

The recent strengthening of environmental regulations and a shift toward electric vehicles have led to increasing needs for automotive lightweighting and electrification. As a result, demand is on the rise for fiber-reinforced resins and is expected to grow further for such materials able to substitute for metal. These conditions have driven Mitsui Chemicals Group to establish its own manufacturing technology in this realm and work toward mass production.

Prime Polymer is positioning Mostron-L as a strategic product going forward and is working to further reinforce and expand its business for the product.


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