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Janicki Industries opens a manufacturing plant in Washington state

the company has opened a new manufacturing plant in Hamilton, Washington, USA. The primary purpose of the plant is to produce flight-quality, aerospace parts made of advanced composite materials.

This new facility will support the aerospace industry with carbon fiber parts for commercial jetliners, military aircraft and space exploration. The new plant is 90,000 square feet of high bay assembly space with four over-head cranes. There is 15,000 square feet of controlled contamination area or cleanroom and a 5,000 square-foot drive-in freezer for storing carbon fiber material. A robotic knife will cut material after thawing. It is equipped with a 5-Axis CNC Zimmerman Mill, non-destructive inspection machine, curing ovens, ply projectors, autoclave, compressor, fork lifts, vacuum pumps and office space for engineers. And the entry has a live-roof or “eco-roof” with soil for plants.

Janicki Industries opens a manufacturing plant in Washington state

The new building was designed by Carletti Architects and built by Chad Fisher Construction. Construction took a year and the building contains 6,800 cubic yards of concrete, 350,000 lineal feet of rebar, 600 tons of steel and over 100 miles of electrical wire. On the roof is a state-of-the-art climate control system. There are 30 Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) heat Pumps that are all linked together and connected to a computer system. The system monitors temperature and humidity and turns on the appropriate heat pump to keep the climate perfect for making carbon fiber parts. This is the first industrial application in the State of Washington that works in a contained environment like our new Hamilton plant.

President of Janicki Industries John Janicki, says:

“We are excited about the new facility and equipment. With our dedicated professional technicians and this state-of-the-art building and equipment we can provide our customers consistent high-quality parts at an affordable price.”

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