Lambient and Uvitron International partner to deliver UV curing and cure monitoring system

Lambient Technologies, a specialist in precision measurement solutions for the curing of advanced polymer materials, and Uvitron, a solutions provider of light curing systems and accessories, announce their partnership to deliver a comprehensive UV curing and cure monitoring system.

Lambient Technologies LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor
Through this partnership, Lambient Technologies and Uvitron International will offer a bundle of the Lambient Technologies LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor and Uvitron’s Sunspot 2 High Power Compact Spot Curing System. The bundled system, available at special reduced pricing, is particularly adapted for manufacturers of optical adhesives and other UV-cured inks, adhesives, and coatings. It offers the industry’s only comprehensive solution for curing of fast-reacting materials and analysis of cure data with dielectric cure monitoring (DEA).

DEA allows organizations to quickly test samples from each batch of material each day. With this type of ongoing testing, users can detect even subtle changes in the performance of their materials, allowing them to ensure consistency in end products.

With the bundled system, users can simultaneously cure their materials with the Sunspot 2, a high-intensity ultra-compact light curing system and analyze cure with the LTF-631 High Speed Dielectric Cure Monitor (available in a variety of configurations, including an enhanced ultra-fast option designed specifically for UV cure). The LTF-631 is optimized for the study of rapidly-reacting materials in research and development, quality assurance/quality control, and production applications involving thermoset materials. As the only method that can measure cure state in real time under actual process conditions, DEA lets users apply laboratory results directly to manufacturing processes.

Uvitron’s Sunspot 2 High Power Compact Spot Curing System
Uvitron International’s Sunspot 2 was designed as a compact system with ease of use and low cost of ownership in mind. It features a long-life UV/visible arc lamp and filtered input long-life light guide. The SunSpot 2 features easy to use exposure time controls and foot pedal activation. The system weighs a mere 6 pounds, and its 10.5 x 8.6 x 4-inch size is the smallest in its class. It also features a 200W lamp that delivers the highest intensity in the industry.

Lambient Technologies designs and produces instruments for real-time analysis of the curing of thermosets and advanced composite materials such as those used in aerospace, automotive, and wind power applications. Its products offer insights into how these materials react and change during curing, processing, and manufacturing. Armed with this critical data, users can proceed with research, quality testing, and final production, confident in the integrity of their processes and materials—and in the reliability of their finished products.

Uvitron International was established in 1993 as a developer and manufacturer of switch-mode power supplies for light curing systems, developing the first electronic arc lamp power supply. Uvitron has since evolved into a total solutions provider of light curing systems and accessories. Uvitron has distinguished itself in the industry as a dynamic and support-oriented company. An experienced staff of engineers, programmers, technicians and professional sales executives assures Uvitron customers a high degree of expertise. All electrical, optical, and mechanical design of Uvitron products is performed in-house, which allows the company to better share complete technical knowledge with our customers. Uvitron’s sales and service capabilities include custom designed light curing systems from 50 W to 15 kW.

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