Lufthansa recycles Airbus A340-600 in design furniture

A coffee table made from the slat, key rings from the aircraft skin or a briefcase made out of business class blankets: Lufthansa WorldShop is now offering an exclusive product series with limited designer pieces under the name of Lufthansa Upcycling Collection.

The collection presented in Frankfurt, was created in collaboration with Lufthansa, Miles & More and Lufthansa Technik. The unique products are manufactured by renowned designers from parts of a Lufthansa Airbus A340-600 D-AIHO that is no longer part of the fleet as well as from discarded interior materials. Always with the focus on resource-friendly production in Europe and the use of sustainable materials.

The Lufthansa Upcycling Collection includes a comprehensive range of exclusive travel accessories and limited edition furniture. After more than ten years in service for Lufthansa, the decommissioned Airbus was professionally dismantled in Teruel, Spain, within ten weeks. During this time, the designers and the Miles & More purchasing team were on site to inspect the aircraft and select parts for the collection themselves.

Lufthansa recycles Airbus A340-600 in design furniture

Airbus A340-600 professionally dismantled

For example, unusual pieces of furniture were manufactured from large elements of the aircraft fuselage or the window fronts. The aluminium cladding of the machine was also used to make high-quality key rings. Business class blankets, headrest covers and safety cards were turned into timeless and stylish everyday companions such as the Business Bag or the Messenger Backpack.

A340-600 D-AIHO Flying Coffee Table

A340-600 D-AIHO flying coffee table
(699,000 miles or €2,999)

Turning old into new – a piece of aviation history for everyday life
Collectors can look forward to the high retro factor of individual products: Some still have the logo with the yellow crane that has been used for decades. In addition, each element of the collection is unique and tells its own story.

Sebastian Riedle, spokesperson and managing director of Miles & More GmbH said:

“The world of flying has a very special fascination for many people. Foreign countries, the lively hustle and bustle at airports, big airplanes – all this immerses people in a unique world and many fans would like to take a part of this into everyday life. The special thing about the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection is that something of the aircraft’s spirit can be preserved. There are so many possibilities to give discarded materials a second life in a different way. Together with our colleagues from Lufthansa and Lufthansa Technik we were enthusiastic about this idea right from the start and have created a true milestone with the new Lufthansa Upcycling Collection”.

A340-600 D-AIHO Wall Bar

A340-600 D-AIHO wall bar
(333,000 miles or €1,444)

On the way to becoming a Retail Competence Center
The recycled products are part of a large-scale initiative for the realignment and expansion of the Sales & Retail division, which already today represents an important pillar in the service portfolio of Miles & More GmbH. The focus is clearly on enhancing the customer experience, becoming more environmentally aware and further developing the IT infrastructure and processes. Always with the goal of becoming the Retail Competence Center of the future within the Lufthansa Group. Miles & More GmbH operates the online shops and with over 3,000 selected products from more than 200 premium brands, the stationary Lufthansa WorldShop and SWISS Shop Stores at selected airports and is responsible for on board sales for Lufthansa and SWISS.

A340-600 D-AIHO Coffee Table with Glass Top

A340-600 D-AIHO coffee table with glass top
(499,000 miles or €2,222)

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