A composite coating that creates fire resistance for decorative outdoor applications

Finnester launches HybridRED, a fire-resistant innovative coating based on ceramifying polymers for the composite industry.

A composite coating that creates fire resistance for decorative outdoor applications

Finnester Coatings launches a coating product for composite applications called HybridRED. Never before has a composite product combined fire resistance with decorativity and weather proofing. The coating is especially designed for infrastructure applications like the energy industry, bridges and facades.

Ari Hokkanen, CEO at Finnester Coatings:

“This is a groundbreaking solution for composite applications where fire-resistance, hard mechanical strength and weatherability are needed. It’s also the only decorative coating in the market”

HybridRED’s technology is the result of five years of research and development. The coating can be applied like paint, but when exposed to fire it forms a ceramic shield that protects the composite from burning. It slows down fire catching and prevents the fire from spreading.

Hokkanen says:

“Due to the ceramifying technology, the coating is nontoxic and eco-friendly, unlike all other fire-resistant coating products in the field”

Ceramifying is the key for HybridRED’s revolutionary features. For the first time ever, a composite application can be fire-resistant, weatherproof and decorative at the same time.

Hokkanen explains:

“It protects the composite from corrosion, UV, weather conditions and vandalism. As a decorative solution it offers a smooth and gloss finish”

Composites in general have many advantages; they are lightweight, strong, and require little maintenance. They are also easy to process into various shapes in different colours. However, their biggest weakness is that they have zero tolerance against fire and therefore burn easily.

Hokkanen says:

“Although fire protection can be added into composites, it means that the other key properties are lost. HybridRED coating solves this problems”

HybridRED has now been launched in the European market. However, Finnester Coatings is getting prepared for the sales worldwide.

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