Composite medical tubing

Polygon Composites presents PolyMed, a line of medical composites that are being used in diverse applications ranging from cannulas for laparoscopic surgery and vein harvesting procedures to instrument tubes for robotic surgical operation.

Composite medical tubing
The team of composite experts at Polygon partner with customers to achieve the solution needed for their medical device project. The in-house design and performance engineers at Polygon use their extensive knowledge and experience in composite science to assist you in determining the best manufacturing process, fiber architecture, resin formulations and finishing to produce your ideal application.

PolyMed Composites are used in diverse applications ranging from cannulas for laparoscopic surgery and vein harvesting procedures, to instrument tubes for robotic surgical operations. It comes in standard sizes or it’s configurable to meet customers needs.

ISO-10993 compliant, PolyMed combines lightweight materials and strong physical characteristics, as well as radiolucent and dielectric properties, thin walls, rigidity and the ability to be sterilized.

A good replacement for stainless steel, the PolyMed tubing product line has three distinct product offerings:

  • Braided tubing
  • Circumferentially wound tubing
  • Unidirectional tubing

Fiber architecture adaptations; for braided, CW or UD are currently used in many minimally invasive surgical procedures. Sizes range from 3mm up to 20mm. PolyMed tubing is available in wall thickness as thin as 0.23 mm. All tubing processes can accommodate single or multi-lumen requirements. 

PolyMed is found in applications such as:

  • Endoscopic / Laproscopic devices
  • Suction / Irrigation devices
  • Electrosurgical devices

Polygon’s team of medical engineers work closely with device manufacturers to produce unique and effective solutions.  

PolyMed composites are good candidates for replacing traditional stainless, aluminum or any thermoplastic material including PEEK or liquid crystal polymers. The ability of composite materials to be tailored to almost any engineering challenge makes it the material of choice.

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