Portable cooler with biocomposite material

This environmentally friendly thermoelectric cooler is the first in the world to be produced with biocomposite material.

Portable cooler with biocomposite material

As a result, the Dometic CoolFun SC benefits from increased durability and, more importantly, reduced usage of fossil fuels without compromising product performance. Portable and convenient, you can cool or warm contents at the flick of a switch. Ideal for car journeys, camping, picnics, use in the office and more.

  • 26 % lower CO₂ footprint
  • Fully recyclable biocomposite material
  • Increased durability

Biocomposite reduces CO₂ footprint
The outer skin of the SC 30B is largely made from BioLiteTM AP21, an eco-friendly plastic material containing a bast fiber that reduces the usage of fossil fuels without compromising on product performance. The bast fibers are exclusively purchased in Europe. Processing requires 20 % less heat energy, and the material is fully recyclable. All of this combines to reduce the CO₂ footprint by 26 % compared to conventional polypropylene plastics and processing methods.

Environmentally friendly cooler is a world first
There is no compromise on performance, as the SC 30B construction is both lighter and stronger than traditional plastic and offers all the qualities of the regular SC 30 cooler. The thermoelectric technology allows you to cool contents up to 18 °C below ambient temperature, or heat up to +65 °C. So whether at work or in the car – you can rely on it for a cold drink or warm lunch. Convenient details such as the USB port in the lid for charging mobile devices and a versatile carrying handle, which also serves as a support or lock for the lid, are sure to be appreciated.

The Dometic CoolFun SC 30B is available at 130€ (incl. VAT).

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