Composites Simulation with PAM-Composites, Webinar with and ESI Group

The rapidly changing mobility markets with electrification of automobiles and light commercial vehicles, coupled to the potential of consumer airborne mobility and autonomous air logistics, is seeing a real potential engine to growth in composites manufacturing markets. Unfortunately, composites manufacturing has been hampered by the slow production rates in tandem with labor intensive composites manufacturing processes. To reach the scale needed to address this growing demand, material suppliers are suggesting fibers and resins which promise to improve the manufacturing throughput, product designers are eagerly applying these materials to their new programs, manufacturers are investigating new processes and equipment to try to reach these new heights.

Being able to predict, evaluate, identify, and resolve potential production challenges within the composites production processes will be key to achieving higher production volumes without manual production control or quality by inspection.

Recording of the webinar from November 2019, hosted by and ESI Group Manufacturing Channel.


Companies: Virtual Manufacturing

Terms: carbon fiber modeling, composites simulation, composites software, glass fiber modeling, modeling composites

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