Tecniplas exports composites tanks to Paraguay

The Brazilian manufacturer of tanks and special equipment in composites, Tecniplas has just dispatched 14 tanks to Paraguay. The reservoirs will be installed in a food factory.

With diameters ranging from 2,500 mm to 3,000 mm and capacities between 15 m³ and 70 m³, the tanks will be part of water storage systems – acid, cold and drinking –, chemicals such as caustic soda, and industrial effluents.

Luís Gustavo Rossi, Tecniplas director said :

“They were developed in vertical and horizontal configurations for work at room temperature and atmospheric pressure.”

Regarding tanks for storing potable water, Rossi points out that Tecniplas has the Safety Report for the resins it processes, as required by Consolidation Ordinance No. 05, of 09/28/2017, Annex XX.

“This enables us to provide reservoirs used for storing not only potable water, but any input consumed by the food and beverage industry.”

In addition to being nontoxic and harmless, composites are more competitive than stainless steel normally used in the manufacture of tanks for the storage of raw materials in the food sector.

“With the same dimensions and technical characteristics, composites tanks can cost up to 35% less than stainless steel tanks. Not to mention that they are monolithic, that is, molded in one piece. This means there are no weld points, areas normally subject to leakage.”

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