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Chomarat provides Arcona Yachts with C-Ply carbon reinforcement

Chomarat Group, expert in composite reinforcements for the marine market developed a high performing C-Ply reinforcement for the hull and deck of Arcona 435 and 465. Both cruiser-racer are a combination of comfort onboard and performances, for fast family cruising and high-level races thanks to their specific design, and the use of C-Ply.

The carbon NCF reinforcement allows structural design benefits, premium surface quality and overall parts cost saving.

Vincent Cholvy, Marine market Manager at Chomarat explains :

“With 45 years of expertise, Chomarat is a pioneer in developing solutions to achieve weight reduction, improved surface appearance and stronger structure. C-Ply makes it possible to meet these specifications, while ensuring stable quality and cost-effectiveness.”

The cutting-edge technology for serial production of carbon boats
A study was led to determine the optimal construction to develop a high performing C-Ply range for a better permeability in infusion process. The result is a carbon NCF that achieves high mechanical performances, multi resins compatibility and cost efficiency.

Nicolas Broberg, Managing Director Arcona Yacht explains :

“Chomarat is the best choice for supplying the product our factory prefers to work with: stable quality and cost effectiveness are the key benefits”

Infusion technology for hull and deck with up to 70% level of carbon in the laminate gives the greatest possible strength.

C-Ply: lightweight and strength for marine applications
The carbon range used for the latest model of Arcona Yachts, Arcona 435, allows that it can literally be raced on high levels one day fully standard and be family cruising the next day without customizations. The model even won the prestigious award of European Yacht of The Year in 2019, in the Performance Cruiser class.

Nicolas Borberg adds:

“The carbon construction makes it possible as we get a stiffer, lighter and managing calculated loads on higher levels than glass fibers. C-Ply is essential to us to get the calculated strength without adding extra weight or thickness to the laminate. It gives a cost-effective solution in production as reaching a high strength with fewer layers.”

He concludes:

“For the Arcona 465 model, carbon as a primary construction material makes the yacht successful on the race, and light enough to give initial allowance for the extra gear needed for any blue water cruising and you can expect the performance of an unladen glass fibre yacht of the same size!”

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