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Plastic Omnium confirms its position in hydrogen tanks

Plastic Omnium has recently won a significant order from a German manufacturer for the development of 350-bar hydrogen tanks.

A significant contract and the first certification of a pressurized tank confirm Plastic Omnium's hydrogen positioning
The contract signed for bus equipment is the largest project in Europe at this time for this type of vehicle. In parallel to this success, Plastic Omnium has just obtained its first certification for a 700-bar hydrogen storage tank designed to equip passenger cars.

The certification, R134, is an international standard that ensures the  respect ofthe strictest specifications of high-pressure hydrogen tanks regulations.Other certifications are underway for 350-bar hydrogen tanks and for CNG tanks.This  contract and this first certification demonstrate th  recognition of Plastic Omnium’s technological know-how, developed in the field of high-pressure composite plastic tanks over the lastfour years.They form a significant milestone in the group’s development in new energies, a strategy that has recently been reinforced by the opening of two R&D centers, ∆-Deltatech  in Brussels and ω-Omegatech  in  Wuhan,  China, where a pilot carbon filament winding line has recently been inaugurated. In 2020, Plastic Omnium will also install a dedicated production line of hydrogen tank sat its Herentalsplant in Belgium, which currently produces fuel tanks.

At the same time, the investment in AP Ventures, a venture capital fund based in London and dedicated solely to hydrogen, provides Plastic Omnium with opportunities and interesting choices for the future. Plastic Omnium, global leader in fuel and emissions control systems, thus confirms its position as a major player in the clean mobility market.

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