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Composite Builders becomes a supplier for Firefly Aerospace

Firefly, headquartered in Austin, Texas, affirms it is; “developing a family of launch vehicles and in-space services that provide industry-leading affordability, convenience, and reliability. Firefly’s launch vehicles utilize common technologies, manufacturing infrastructure and launch capabilities, providing LEO launch solutions for up to four metric tons of payload. Combined with Firefly’s in-space services, Firefly provides the space industry with access to frequent launches at the lowest cost/kg, enabling ambitious commercial and exploration missions from LEO to the Moon.”

The fabrication of advance composite parts for aerospace vehicle requires a high-level of quality management. Shortly after Firefly’s inspections and testing of Composite Builders and its carbon fiber parts, Firefly gave Composite Builders the green light as an approved advanced composites manufacturer; The company is a supplier of carbon fiber components used on Firefly’s space vehicles. One of Firefly’s requirements is a high standard of quality control. Composite Builders is registered under ISO 9001;2015 and uses AS 9100 documentation in our processes. Every component Composite Builders makes has a thorough set of work instructions and quality documentations. Documents are recorded electronically and secured long term in their private database.

Composite Builder’s knowledge of risk management for advance composites fabrication reassures their customers. Although Firefly’s composite engineers provided the laminate schedule for their parts, Composite Builders understand every decision made for the lamination process and how carbon fiber will perform per skin. The external factors that can affect pre-impregnated carbon fiber are also controlled, such as material processing, exposure, contaminates, and temperature. There are several additional risk management processes which they implement in their composite fabrication to ensure quality and reliability to their customers.

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