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Guangwei Composites delivers AV500 helicopter drone

The first AV500B/C helicopter drone was delivered to China’s Aviation Industry Helicopter Design Research Institute during a ceremony held at the Guangwei Advanced Composites Research and Development Center. Chen Liang, chairman of Guangwei Composites, attended the ceremony.

AV500 drones are a new light unmanned helicopter system introduced by China’s Aviation Industry Helicopter Design Research Institute. The series of drones is positioned on the military market, but also through modification can be used for environmental monitoring, search and rescue, forestry protection, geological survey and other civilian areas. The market potential is huge, according to Guangwei Composites.
The drone uses a large quantity of carbon fiber composite materials. During the design phase, Guangwei Composites completed the detailed design and industrial audit work, and will begin production and assembly in the near future.
In this process, Guangwei Composites is using self-developed carbon fiber composite materials. The aim is to provide AV500 helicopter drone with composite material for the covering (honeycomb and foam laminated structure) as well as the overall tank capacity structure, tail beam overall structure and laminate parts etc..

Guangwei Composites says:

“This high concentration of carbon fiber offers the advantage of lightweight, which greatly improves the cruising ability, maneuverability and simplified assembly process”

Guangwei Composites began to participate in the development of this drones series in 2018. “Today, there is a growing demand for domestic carbon fiber composites in the field of aerospace and other defense industries”, says Guangwei Composites. The company “will provide high-quality carbon fiber to meet the requirements of high-quality downstream products and to promote the company in the development of carbon fiber industry chain upgrade.”
The source of the information is Guangwei WeChat account.

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