“TECHNO Plant” is increasing the production and export of stone wool

Almost 1.5 million cubic meters of stone wool was produced by the TECHNO Plant in the Rostov Region in 2019. As noted at the enterprise, the production volume was increased by 6%, the range of positions for general construction, industrial, roofing, facade and technical insulation was expanded.

The TECHNO Plant in Krasny Sulin, Rostov Region, is one of the most modern in Europe and the most powerful enterprise in the south of Russia for the production of mineral thermal insulation from basalt fiber.

The assortment increased due to the launch of an innovative new-generation insulation on a biopolymer binder. The company pays special attention to integrated production safety, therefore, in 2020, investments will be directed, among other things, to improve fire safety and labor protection. The plant’s equipment will continue to be upgraded and the level will continue customer service.
Director of the Don “Plant TECHNO” Vyacheslav Abakunov notes

In 2019, the stone wool factory in the Rostov Region launched the production of “lightweight”, but at the same time strong and reliable mineral thermal insulation for an integrated system of stucco facades. Thanks to these materials, the construction market in southern Russia received an updated system of stucco facade from a single supplier.

“In 2019, TekhnoNIKOL made another investment in its Don plant, investing nearly 70 million rubles in equipment modernization, storage facilities, and environmental safety of production,
– said the general director of the Agency for Investment Development of the Rostov Region Igor Burakov. –
In 2020, the company plans to invest another 37 million rubles in the stone wool factory, and will continue to expand its product line.”

The plant’s products are supplied to the regions of six federal districts of the Russian Federation, exported to Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus (since 2019), Georgia.

In 2020, the “TECHNO Plant” starts production of new materials for thermal insulation of the roof.
The TekhnoNIKOL Corporation plant in the Krasnosulinsky district was launched more than 3 years ago. A successfully implemented project is included in the “governor’s hundred” of priority investment projects in the Rostov region. Investments of TechnoNICOL in the creation and development of stone wool production in the Don region have so far exceeded 3.6 billion rubles.

For information TechnoNICOL Corporation is a leading international manufacturer of building materials and systems; its products are supplied to 95 countries. The proceeds of the TechnoNIKOL industrial complex in 2019 amounted to 104 billion rubles (+ 10.6% compared to 2018).

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