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Electric scooter with carbon fiber steering stem

Qingmai Company, a technology company based in Dongguan, in the Southern Chinese Guangdong province, has unveiled a new electric scooter known as the SWAN.

Designed for the environmentally-conscious city commuters, the SWAN has a carbon fiber steering stem which was built to resemble that of its namesake, a swan.

“The steering stem of the SWAN scooter is made of Toray’s T700 carbon fiber”, according to the company.

In addition to the carbon fiber steering stem and the aluminum alloy frame, the SWAN electric scooter also incorporates a carrying handle made from magnesium alloy.

Qingmai also emphasized the design and construction decisions that were made to ensure both the convenience and robustness of the scooter :

“The folding structure of the SWAN scooter is unique. To guarantee structural strength and [aesthetic] appearance of this product, our design team has designed a highly integrated quick folding system. The scooter weighs less than 12 kg, so a girl can lift it with only one hand. In addition, the folded scooter is so small that it can be easily put into a trunk. Also, the board of the SWAN scooter is made by a unit forming process without splicing and welding points.”

The motors are housed in the hub of each wheel and are surrounded by 7.5″ airless tires produced in-house by Qingmai, which are a significant advantage, according to specialized magazine Electrek. The airless tires are designed to be shock absorbing for city riding as well as remove the possibility for flat tires.


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