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Carbon Fiber full size guitar

Wooden guitars can be amazing instruments, the truth is they are not very durable.

Klos Guitar solves all of these problems by making the body and sound board out of carbon fiber, and adding an optional upgrade to have carbon fiber stiffening rods in the neck. The one piece body makes a very strong structure all around, whereas wooden guitars need bracing and kerfing at the juncture of the back piece to the side piece to support the thin wood and corners. On a wooden guitar, these corners can crack or get banged up naturally. The whole body is one piece, the sides round down to the back, which creates a comfortable feel.

Detachable neck
The neck attaches to the body via the proprietary neck block that we’ve designed. Being a bolt on neck, four screws hold the neck securely in place, with the metal screws going into metal inserts in the neck. This creates a secure joint that allows the neck to sit in its place identically every time that it is taken apart and put back together.

Adjustable Truss Rod
The truss rod allows the player to adjust the relief of the neck. In various environments, dry vs humid, hot vs cold, wooden necks expand or contract differently and the bow of the neck can change slightly. A truss rod that runs through the neck can be modified to increase or decrease this bow, depending on the set up someone is used to.

Optimized Size
The KLOS travel guitar is the result of extensive research and testing in order to create the most universal guitar for your needs. The size you see was chosen as the best size for adults who want to travel, large enough to give a great sound, small enough to fit in a backpack or a suitcase, and also small enough for smaller adults and learning children.

The result is a strong, reliable, easy to play, and beautiful looking and sounding full size guitar.

Klos Carbon Fiber ★ Guitar Review

Video of Klos Carbon Fiber ★ Guitar Review

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