Polotsk-Glassfiber to launch basalt fiber in April

OJSC Polotsk-Glassfiber in April will launch a new furnace for the production of basalt fiber with a capacity of 500 tons of fiber per year.

The chief engineer of OJSC Polotsk-Glassfiber Roman Bliznev
The chief engineer of OJSC Polotsk-Glassfiber Roman Bliznev
The decision to return to the release of these products was made taking into account the prospects of using this material, as well as the availability of a free niche in the market.

“The product has interesting properties, because the operating temperature, which is 600-650 degrees, is between the classic E-glass (it accounts for 80% of the total volume of our products) and silica fiber. In addition, it has high chemical resistance and is inert moisture, which makes it attractive for use in the construction industry”, – noted the chief engineer of OJSC “Polotsk-Glassfiber” Mr. Roman Bliznev.

An investment project worth about $ 500 thousand is being implemented in the existing workshop of the enterprise.

“We have some experience in the production of such products: the first installation on mineral raw materials was built in 2015, but taking into account the needs of the market, we subsequently redesigned it to produce silica fiber,”
– explained the chief engineer.

The Polotsk-Glassfiber produces more than 900 product ranges per year. With such diversification, the company feels confident in the market.

“If you look at the total production of the enterprise, which is 57 thousand tons of fiber glass per year, then the launch of continuous basalt fiber production of such capacities is a small percentage. More important for us is the opportunity that opens before us to expand the general range of products. For example, we have already received 40 different types of assortments based on continues basalt fiber,”
– said Mr. Bliznev.

OJSC “Polotsk-Glassfiber” produces fiberglass, rovings, fiberglass, electrical insulating and structural fiberglass, building fiberglass and fiberglass, silica materials, etc. The bulk of the products are exported to more than 50 countries.

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