DH Sutherland and KleanVak announce partnership for the Americas

DHSutherland has entered into a partnership with KleanVak to promote its patented surface application tool technology across the Americas. The DHSutherland technical team also will be trained by KleanVak to ensure its certified support of DHSutherland from initial set-up to ongoing preventative maintenance.

KleanVak, based in Biarritz, France, has developed equipment that represents the next generation of technology for applying chemicals to surfaces for mold preparation and solvent cleaning. KleanVak’s patented technology sprays a thin layer of solvent onto the surface of the tool or part to be cleaned, while simultaneously vacuuming and safely containing any VOCs that would otherwise flash into the surrounding environment. The action of applying the solvent while removing VOCs also reduces by 80% the wait time required between coats. This increases mold utilization and means more time is spent making/cleaning parts.

DH Sutherland and KleanVak announce partnership for the Americas

Andrew Crouse, DHSutherland President, says:

“Partnering with KleanVak is a very exciting opportunity that the DHSutherland team is thrilled to promote to our customer partners. KleanVak’s proprietary technology will deliver substantial value to by significantly improving worker safety while reducing mold prep times, enabling out customer-partners to spend more time on value-added work.”

Vincent Garcia, KleanVak CEO, says:

“DHSutherland’s culture and commitment, providing an exceptional experience to the advanced composites customers, makes for a partnership that will help establish the KleanVak brand in the Americas as industry best practice for mold prep and surface-cleaning applications.”

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