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LOOK launches T20

Designed with and for the French track team, the T20 sets a new standard of modern track bike design.

Imagined, designed, prototyped and manufactured in LOOK’s French headquarters, the T20 is the result of years of state-of-the-art carbon manufacturing and bicycle racing engineering. Since Atlanta 1996, LOOK has collected 14 titles, 43 medals in total. Corima has 4 gold medals and 6 in total, starting in Barcelona 1992. With there sights set on Tokyo and the home Games in Paris, LOOK and Corima offer athletes the most advanced equipment possible for the quest of medals.

Performance superiority – new standards set for aerodynamics, stiffness, weight
Building upon 30 years of experience in top racing bike design and manufacturing for Grand Tour riders and athletes, the T20 is the synthesis of years of computational fluid dynamic modelling, wind tunnel testing, carbon fiber research and carbon manufacturing expertise, all completed in the R&D laboratories of the iconic French bike builder.

The French Brand, working closely with the French Federation, sets new standards for racing performance, all made in France. 11 % reduction in drag and 10 % lighter than its predecessor, the T20 brings 27 % increase in power transfer thanks to the improved stiffness to weight ratio. At full speed on the track, athletes will gain 30 Watts, a full bike-length on the finish line for the 200 m sprint !



With many track races won from a standing start, T20’s stiffness-to-weight ratio is a top priority : the best carbon grades have been applied using innovative carbon lay-up procedures, enabling the achievement of lighter and stiffer frame. 800 grams lighter than its predecessor, the T20 is also 25 % stiffer at the bottom bracket, 12.5 % stiffer in the rear triangle and 12 % stiffer on the head tube, helping to bring more responsive acceleration and handling in crucial split-second moments on the track.

New axles
T20 features redesigned dropouts, which are now thru-axle front and rear, further improving torsional rigidity while shaving weight and improving airflow. The dropout’s integrated design enables a stiffer overall construction, leading to the 12.5 % increase in lateral stiffness, optimized aerodynamic efficiency and installation across all available Corima wheelsets.

Franck Caudrelier at the LOOK T20 inauguration (copyright LOOK)

LOOK & Corima design integration
Leaving no stone unturned, LOOK worked closely with the high-end carbon wheel experts at Corima to ensure that the brand’s 4-spoke and 5-spoke wheels, as well as the Paracular and Lenticular monobloc wheels, optimize the T20’s aerodynamic profile. Additionally LOOK and Corima partnered to design front and rear thru-axle dropouts that ensure maximum rigidity and aerodynamic performance. Originally developed for the London Games, the improved ZED track monobloc crankset remains unrivalled as the lightest and stiffest track crankset on the market. The only crankset that features extensive crank arm length adjustability thanks to the patented Trilobe concept, its one-piece construction enables maximum power transfer and efficiency.

T20 Inauguration
The cockpit has been designed to work perfectly with LOOK’s super-rigid track handlebar for sprinters, Madison and scratch race riders, while pursuit riders will benefit from the seamless integration with new LOOK’s Aeroflat bars and Aergo extensions. At the same time, LOOK worked with performance wheelset experts Corima to develop the new front and rear thru-axle dropouts, ensuring maximum rigidity
as well as optimum performance with CORIMA ’s world-leading wheelsets. The complete bike, fitted with French Made winning Corima rear-disc wheel and a 5-spoke front wheel meets the UCI minimum weight of 6,8 kg, unmatched in the track.

Geometry, fit and adjustability
T20 also features a newly designed geometry, with the aim of perfecting rider fit for optimal power transfer and aerodynamic position, with linear progressions between the stack and reach for each frame size. Customization is paramount to providing an optimum fit for all riders. With four frame sizes, two ZED crankset models resulting in six crank length variations, as well as 18-stem lengths ranging from 55-140 mm in 5 mm increments, T20 is now the most adjustable track bike on the market.

A new aero seat-post also provides four mounting angles, enabling truly extensive fit adjustability.

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