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By Gilmar Lima, G12 Innovation

“We have started a new era of thinking, feeling, and attitude. We are awakening to what really matters and deeper significance in our lives. The search for spirituality, a more pure love, good people, and mainly a fairer world will be the priorities. The corporate world and the organizations are part of this new moment in which a new generation including crystal children who emanate light, restless youth who know especially what they don’t want to themselves, and more aware adults calling for a  more balanced and meaningful life. The companies neglecting a new approach towards people management will face huge difficulties to compete and create new unbeatable models of business. Ideas, concepts, products, projects, innovation, performance, excellence teams, generation of value and dreams with no people engaged in it simply are not there. From now on, a company whose people do not embody a light mind enabling them to create, dream, and have a happy heart will not survive either. This new organization will be much more concerned with the human being, and sensitive to everything and everyone. This will make leaders different from what we have today in all areas. The leadership reflects the face, heart and soul of an organization. If we have enlightened, visionary, restless, inspiring leaders who really care about people, we will have a magic company perceived in this way. However, if we have bad, selfish, pesky, uncharismatic, or empty talk leaders, we will have a similar company formed by dreamless, sad people always ready to walk away.

New management model
The companies employing “pesky” leaders will build teams and professionals extremely obedient, anxious, fearful, individualist and therefore poor for this new world. The new management model needs to be transparent, truthful, fair, challenging, and focused on the development of unique people, and not only generate value to the shareholders, but also to the team, community, city, state, country and universe. These companies will set as priority the easy communication wherein the positions will be regarded as simple formality; people will care and be valued for their ability to share and contribute to the company in each idea or project to be developed. The dream will be shared, having all people aligned with the positioning and strategy of the organization. Another important point is the organizational culture, and many people put it aside when creating strategies. All moves must be aligned and coherent with the organization culture. Otherwise, we will build an “outdated”, fake company. It is no use setting up an aggressive, innovative and fantastic planning for an organization when the culture is conservative, standard, and controlling. In many cases, even the culture has to be changed in order to maintain the organization alive. There is no right or wrong, but rather a culture, strategy, and professional profile totally misaligned and incoherent. What destroys the companies is the full misalignment between all of this. In this new management concept, the speech, signals, and hopes must be coherent with the action and attitude of its leaders. Within this new approach, the product or service will remain fully important, but more time will be used for the creation of single business models whose purpose is to have happy and inspiring people (we need much more than driven people).

“it has always been like that”
Those that have built teams with high capacity of reaction only, will face many hardships ahead. At this time, the teams are required to have high forward-looking and resilience capacity. Words such as “impossible”, “it has always been like that”, “I was told to do that”, “the market is like that”, “this is normal”, and “I did” will no longer be used. The work schedules will be more flexible, and people treated differently, since they are different and have different drive, as well. What can be common is  the dreams and hopes, since everyone wonders  the reason we fight for, where we are heading to, what is happening, to be recognized, respected and, believe it or not, to be treated in a caring way. Who does not like to be treated in a caring way, or is not affectionate is in need of a good therapist. Finally, we will have companies with soul, funny, light, open to new, and people and leaders that inspire, care, and are driven to create magic organizations so that at the end of the day everyone’s feeling is that it was worthwhile, and that they had a good experience.”

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