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Cortex Composites signs long-term distributor agreement with Burdens for Australasia

Burdens Australia, a specialist in the supply and installation of GCCM’S (Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats), “Concrete in a Roll”, signs a long term exclusive distributor agreement with Cortex Composites Australia, for the Australasian market.

Burdens identified Cortex’s product as providing significant advantages in the GCCM material class and support the distribution of the product in the region. This agreement strengthens Burdens’ product offering in the soil stabilisation, ditch lining and petrochemical bund lining sector to which it has been supplying this type of product for the past 8 years.

The exclusive agreement, was signed by Paul Johnson, Managing Director of Burdens Australia, and Curren Krasnoff, CEO of Cortex Composites. The agreement gives the company an increased product portfolio to complement its growing geosynthetic product offering and brings to the region a GCCM material for use in a range of infrastructure applications.

Burdens Australia began distributing GCCM’s in 2008 and has been involved in the sales marketing and installation support of this revolutionary new class of material across Australia. Burdens Australia has supplied GCCM materials in a wide variety of infrastructure applications in the Civil, Mining and Petrochemical industries and continues to provides its customers the best in sales and support.

Cortex is essentially “concrete in a roll” and is a thin cement-embedded composite, supplied in rolls.  It is a fabric-like material until hydrated, then hardens into a durable concrete layer. The product achieves a compressive strength of over 7,000 PSI after hardening. Cortex offers a comparable performance relative to poured concrete and shotcrete at a reduced cost. Additionally, less Cortex by weight is needed to satisfy application requirements, therefore it’s better for the environment by reducing overall concrete use, providing carbon savings of over 50% when substituting for traditional concrete.

Cortex is available as both in bulk rolls (2.43meters wide) or in made-to-order batches to suit multiple applications.

Cortex Composites, Inc. holds patents in Australia covering its GCCM products (‘Nonwoven Cementitious Composite for in-situ Hydration”).

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