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A carbon-fiber grids reinforced-concrete prefabricated wall panel

At the “Future of Composites in Construction” show, Chomarat and Altus Group are presenting CarbonCast, their line of reinforced-concrete prefabricated wall panels, reinforced with Chomarat’s C-GRID carbon-fiber grids.

A carbon-fiber grids reinforced-concrete prefabricated wall panel

A recent army-hospital project in Greenville, South Carolina is another success story of this innovative product: 18,600 m² (200,000 sq.ft) of precast insulated panels were installed in record time.

The advantages of the carboncast line reinforced exclusively with C-GRID
“Reducing installation time, improving the fire and safety performance, increasing the service life of structures, and cutting energy consumption are crucial criteria in the choice of a CarbonCast solution,” explains Altus Group Executive Director John Carson.

CarbonCast panels are classified ASHRAE 90.1. Thanks to the low thermal conductivity of carbon fiber, C-GRID reinforced panels offer good thermal performance, providing uniform insulation and, therefore, a comfortable, energy-efficient building. The carbon grid developed by Chomarat replaces wire-mesh reinforcement. The grid’s corrosion-proof properties make it possible to decrease the thickness of the concrete, rendering the prefabricated panels lighterweight than standard prefabricated panels. This means that less cement and raw materials are required, and also less energy consumed to produce, transport and assemble the panels.

One of the latest successes of CarbonCast in the United States is the Martin Army Community Hospital in Greenville, South Carolina, with more than 18,600 square meters of prefabricated panels.

“The contractor decided on CarbonCast insulated panels, otherwise the hospital project could never have been finished on time with another system. We take pride in the knowledge that C-GRID provides a durable, cost-effective solution for a large number of buildings in the United States”, says John Leatham, Director of Sales and Marketing at Chomarat North America.

Since AltusGroup was established in 2004, more than 3.7 million square metrers of C-GRID reinforced insulated wall panels, cylindrical piles and Double Tee components have been installed in 1,200 different projects.

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