Airborne and ViscoTec filling the blanks with automated honeycomb potting

Airborne, supplier of automated and digital manufacturing solutions for composites, and ViscoTec, supplier of dosing pumps and dosing systems for medium to high-viscosity fluids, are entering a business partnership to develop and supply an integrated automated solution to fill honeycomb cores with potting compounds.

•	Visualization of the Automated Honeycomb Potting machine
With this partnership a smart and fully automated integral solution can be offered to the composite manufacturing industry enabling a lower weight of the end-product and a drastic reduction of labor, material consumption and non-conformities.

Business Partnership
Partnering will enable the two companies to provide an overall automated honeycomb potting solution to the global composites market that offers their customers significant cost reduction through higher accuracy and repeatability of potting, drastically reducing material waste and reducing manual labor and non-conformities. The complementarity of Airborne’s and ViscoTec’s core competences is demonstrated for the first time in the automated honeycomb manufacturing solution. Airborne’s expertise is developing and supplying automated and digital composite manufacturing solutions, whereas ViscoTec’s core competence lies in the process of pumping and dosing (high viscous) fluids.

“Airborne and ViscoTec are both specialists in their specific field and know how to handle complex processes and materials,” said Arno van Mourik, CEO of Airborne. “By partnering we are able to offer our customers turnkey automated manufacturing solutions to significantly reduce their cost of manufacturing.”

Georg Senftl, Managing Director of ViscoTec: “I’m sure this will be a fruitful partnership for both companies. We want to help our customers to manufacture better and more competitive products. Through partnering with Airborne we can help our customers automating their production lines.”

About Airborne:
Founded in 1995 and headquartered in The Hague (the Netherlands), Airborne is recognized as a technology leader in advanced composites, focused on the automation and digital manufacturing of composites for the aerospace, automotive, marine, oil & gas and consumer electronics industry.  Airborne’s market position is maintained through 150 highly qualified employees working at Airborne’s facilities in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Spain.

About ViscoTec:
ViscoTec, founded in 1997 and headquartered in Töging a. Inn (Germany), primarily deals with systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, filling and emptying medium to high-viscosity fluids. Their dosing pumps and dosing systems are optimally adjusted to diverse applications and are all developed and produced in Germany, meeting highest quality and precision standards. Main customers are based within the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronic Industry, Food & Cosmetics, Pharma & Biotechnology and they are supported out of Bavaria (Germany), Georgia (U.S.), Singapore, Shanghai (China) and Pune (India).

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