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A 2 mm thick fire-resistant carbon composites panel

Carbon Fibre Preforms develops a 2mm thick material that weighs less than 3kg per m2 and that withstand over 1500˚C for 7 hours.

A 2 mm thick fire resistant carbon composites panel

Until now, carbon composites have not been suitable for use in fire or high temperature industrial applications. 

Developed in response to global demand from end users, CFP’s unique FR10-2 product solves this problem. At only 2mm thick and weighing less than 3kg per m2, the material will withstand over 1500˚C for 7 hours. 

FR10-2 is particularly adapted for use in extreme heat tolerance or fire resistance applications in rail, automotive, offshore, civil engineering and energy where high durability, light weight and low bulk are critical. 

Manufactured using the unique ROCCS process, FR10-2 is available in large easy to machine sheets or as net shape moulded parts.

Companies: Carbon Fibre Preforms

Industries: Automotive and Road Transportation, Building and Civil Engineering, Other Composite End-use areas, Railway Vehicles & Infrastructure

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