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Milling tool and tool holder made from hybrid composite steel material

Milling tool and tool holder made from a hybrid composite-steel material, reducing weight and increasing machining speed and accuracy.

The milling head consists of carbon and graphite fibre wound onto a steel part. The specially designed tooling and winding process allows the fibre to be placed on the complex steel part, which acts as a mandrel. Modelling the fibre winding pattern on the part allows the fibres to be placed with the thickness and direction required according to the optimal design.

The steel part is not removed but used in the final assembly for coupling, i.e. connecting the tool to the tool holder or the tool holder to the spindle itself. It also provides attachment to the milling teeth. In some cases, an extra damping material can be added for the desired optimal solution. After winding, curing takes place at room temperature to reduce any thermally-induced stress in the composite part.

Key Benefits:
> Up to 40% mass reduction
> Reduced high-frequency noise
> Energy saving
> Increased machining stability, accuracy and speed
> Improved surface roughness

During the final machining step, the composite-steel part is machined to its final shape and tolerance.

Milling tool and tool holder made from hybrid composite steel material

Milling tool holder

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