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Composite carbon 3D printed components for a high-tech sailing catamaran

Thanks to its engineering technology and a fibre composite mechanism, Scheurer Swiss develops ultra-modern and efficient carbon-reinforced 3D printing components of large size for a high-tech sailing catamaran.

The crew of the high-tech sailing catamaran “Moonwave” recently commissioned Scheurer Swiss to develop ultra-modern and efficient carbon-reinforced 3D printed composite components. It was only thanks to sophisticated engineering and a bonding mechanism that it became possible to develop carbon-reinforced 3D printing components of the required dimensions. The parts will be fitted in a state-of-the-art titanium rudder bearing system – for this application precision, weight and strength are key factors. With diameters of up to 630 mm, an impressive size for two 3D-printed components, the bearing cages will be an essential feature of making the steering of the luxury catamaran even easier.

Composite carbon 3D print components for a high-tech sailing catamaran

Scheurer Swiss stands for the development of highly efficient, ultra-light and extremely stable composite components made of carbon, glass fibre or other fibre composites. The composite engineer and owner of the former sole proprietorship, Dominik Scheurer, became self-employed in 2009 and expanded his team in 2016 with the equally experienced and competent Production Support Engineer, Robert Tween. Previously, they both worked for many years in composite engineering for racing and motorsport, including Jordan F1, Sauber F1 and Toyota Motorsport, providing the right design and composite materials for the properties required for the highly efficient mechanical performance of a Formula 1 racing car.

Composite carbon 3D print components for a high-tech sailing catamaran

With this high level of competence and experience from Formula 1 and the vision to make the elite performance, precision and efficiency of fibre composite materials available to customers from aerospace, defence and security as well as industry, and to offer all services from consulting to engineering and production, the two joined forces in 2016 after their joint assignment at Huber & Suhner Composites and successfully advanced today’s Scheurer Swiss. Currently, the successfully managed and steadily growing company, which specializes in composite engineering, has permanent employees in management and administrative positions as well as numerous other skilled personnel specialized in composites, who work directly with our renowned customers on site as part of our professional and certified personnel placement.

Composite carbon 3D print components for a high-tech sailing catamaran

Scheurer Swiss develops and produces customer-specific composite components which are used in aerospace, racing and motor sports, defence and security as well as industry. The highly efficient product development with state-of-the-art fibre composite technologies such as 3D printing is rounded off by professional, state-licensed personnel hire and practice-oriented composite training directly at the customer’s premises. The fibre composite and lightweight construction specialist with its expertise from more than 30 years of Formula 1 engineering offers a complete service from a single source unique in Switzerland.

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