Premium Aerotec and Lockheed Martin collaborating on additive manufacturing

Premium Aerotec and Lockheed Martin signed an agreement during the Paris Air Show to explore opportunities to implement Premium Aerotec’s additive manufacturing processes into the F-35 Lighting II Program.

Premium Aerotec and Lockheed Martin will collaborate to identify candidate parts in the F-35 aircraft that could be manufactured with additive manufacturing techniques with the target of improving efficiencies and further reducing costs as the F-35 reaches full rate production and sustainment of the operational fleet. 

Thomas Ehm, Premium Aerotec CEO, says :

“We are excited to work with Lockheed Martin. This collaboration is a first step for our company into the important US defense market. Furthermore it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the advantages of Premium Aerotec’s leading edge 3D-printing products and processes in combination with state of the art combat aircraft technology.” 

Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin vice president and general manager of the F-35 program, said:

“We see tremendous opportunity for additive manufacturing to further reduce costs, enhance quality and improve speed across the F-35 enterprise. F-35 production includes the most advanced manufacturing techniques of any fighter jet in the world and partnering with companies like Premium Aerotec, we will continue to integrate additional automation and additive manufacturing techniques that will ensure we’re always delivering on our cost, quality and efficiency goals.” 

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