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Plastic Omnium is strengthening its R&D by opening two new centers in Belgium and China

The Plastic Omnium Group has just opened two new research and development centers. Both centers are part of the clean energy systems business scope and focus on emissions control and fuel systems, as well as new energies.

ω-Omegatech R&D Center, Wuhan, China
The ω-Omegatech center opened in China on June 18, 2019. It already houses 150 engineers and technicians. The number of employees is expected to be close to 200 by the end of 2019. Specializing in development, testing, prototyping and mechanical testing of fuel systems, it will also conduct testing and development for high-pressure hydrogen tanks. The site at Wuhan, the pilot city for the hydrogen sector in China, is also an engineer training center for new energies. This new R&D center, with already 57 projects in development, provides Plastic Omnium with the resources to support its Asian customers in their quest for clean mobility. In particular, this center will support the Group’s rapid growth in China, where its fuel systems market share is expected to double to reach 17% by 2022.

Δ-Deltatech R&D Center, Brussels, Belgium
Δ-Deltatech also enters service on July 1, close to Brussels Airport in Belgium.

Δ-Deltatech is the clean energy systems business research and innovation center, focusing on emissions reduction and fuel systems. It is also the spearhead for research and development into new energies, fuel cells and hydrogen storage. By the end of the year it is expected to house 150 engineers and technicians.

It is the group’s third global R&D center, following ∑-Sigmatech, inaugurated near Lyon in 2003, focusing on intelligent exterior systems and which is currently undergoing extension, and α-Alphatech, inaugurated in Compiègne in 2015, and specializing in emissions control and fuel systems.

ω-Omegatech and Δ-Deltatech represent a global investment of €100 million. These two R&D centers confirm Plastic Omnium’s commitment to clean, carbon-free mobility, in particular using hydrogen, an energy that the group is working to promote through its membership of the hydrogen council.

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